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Mrs. Rosie's Classroom

About Mrs. Rosie

My name is Rosie Bu. I was born in China. I came to the US pursuing a master’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science in 1992. I have been working in the Digital division of a large Pharmacy Retail company since my graduation. My teaching interest started from a 3-months volunteer program in Xilin Northwest Chinese School several years ago. I was inspired by students’ motivation and curiosity. I was often surprised and amused by students’ comments. I was passionate about bringing the best out of the students. Although I didn’t have a teaching background, The UCLA TESOL program truly fulfills my passion for learning and prepares me to become a professional teacher. I am a caring, empathetic, adaptable, and well-organized teacher. My many years of technology background make my teaching focus more on the roadmap, best practices, and efficiency. I truly believe that artificial intelligence and digital resources can dramatically enhance students’ learning experiences and make learning fun and effective.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is that I believe that intelligent, innovative digital tools can help ESL students produce fast learning results.  It is my desire to create an enriching language learning platform that allows students to control the learning pace, review topics they have trouble with,  get instant feedback from tests, assess progress repeatedly, receive rewards for good grades.  My past ESL learning experience drives my focus on addressing common ESL learning pain points.  I believe that a low affective filter environment and interesting technology-based scaffolding strategies can boost students’ learning interests, help students to develop self-esteem and confidence.

Here are five essential elements planned in my teaching model:

  1. Intelligent tools keep students interested in studying predefined content at their own pace. A rewarding system keeps students motivated to climb stairs.  An overall visual roadmap and milestones remind students and parents about progress and goals.
  2.  An online peer-assisted learning environment helps students practice open-mindedness, learn collaborative skills, and respect different backgrounds. It also releases teachers from standard grading and paperwork.
  3. I will spend more time mentoring individuals and preparing class activities.
  4. I will spend more time developing games, quizzes, and other learning and exploratory activities which fit individual students’ backgrounds.
  5. I plan to plug in an artificial intelligence system to produce personalized lesson plans based on students’ learning data.

Innovative tools can help ESL students learn more in less time, allow teachers to spend more time to help students produce fast result

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.”
– Bill Gates