Unit 1

Unit 1

Lesson A

Describe people

Identify clothing items


Lesson B

Grammar focus:  present continuous

simple present

What are they doing?
Talk in a group

A What is Kim doing right now?
B She is talking to Valentina and Natalya.

A. What is Kevin doing?
B. He is smiling.
Talk in a group

A What do you do in the weekend?
B I usually do things with my children.

A. What do you do every night?
B. I always watch TV.

A. What do you do every Monday?
B. I usually study English.

Lesson C

Focus: introduction

Grammar connections

Answer the questions
about yourself
        1. What's your name?
        2. What color is your hair?
        3. What are you wearing?
        4. What do you do after class?
        5. What do you do on the weekend?

   Self introduction
   for job interview
          1. Hello, Good afternoon,
          2. My name is _________
          3. I am from ____. Now, I live in ______.
          4. I have the bachelor degree majoring in ___.
          5. I am looking for a full-time ___ job.
          6. I am interested in a ___ job in your company.
          7. I have ___ skills to contribute to this position
          8. Thank you to allow me to introduce myself.
Grammar connections
and ... too
David likes sports, and Amy likes sports, too

and ... either
David doesn't wear glasses, and Amy doesn't wear glasses either

Elsa wears glasses, but David doesn't.
"Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela