TESOL Program


At the start of the TESOL program, I created three goals. Re-visiting the original goals help me to ask myself if I am still passionate about accomplishing the same things and adjust the goals to get closer to the target I want to pursue.

Here is the retrospective of my three original goals:

1: Understand the standard framework for teaching children and adults English abroad.

I have learned techniques for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to English-as-second-language speakers. I have explored the concepts of linguistics and knowledge of how linguistics’ principles impact learners of English as a second language.  I have practiced formulating lesson plans, writing objectives, teaching strategies, videotaping lessons, etc. I have become more confident to be a professional teacher.  

2. Learn teaching best practices.

I have learned and researched teaching materials, strategies, and curriculum development from all courses. Educators should be lifelong learners. Keeping learning will help me to stay interested and interesting.

3. Learn to use the latest teaching tools effectively.

I have learned many popular teaching tools that can improve learning effectiveness. I truly believe that modern technologies can enhance learning experiences. I need to spend more time exploring new education tools from now on.

My Professional Goals In The Next Three Years

Improve teaching techniques through consistent practices.

Looking for an ESL teaching position/volunteer in the night or weekend. Prepare and teach at least one course per month.

Create an online teaching and learning platform for private tutoring

Research existing platforms.
Build/configure a site like Canvas.

Use the latest teaching tools effectively

Research open-source plug-in. Integrate some plug-ins into my teaching site.

Learning best practices

Build content libraries.
Take online AI training courses.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."
- Steve Jobs